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  • Air Conditioning And Heating - Energy Saving Tips

    Using your AC increases your power bill, and AC maintenance can be expensive. But when hot summer days roll around, people have to switch on their air conditioners.

    If you want your home to be cool after a hard day of work but don’t want to spend a lot of money on power bills, there are ways to save energy stemming from your air conditioner. Here are some tips that will help you cut down how much energy you’re using with your air conditioner.

    1. Let the AC run low at night: - The temperature outside is much cooler at night than it is during the day. Try turning your AC down while you are sleeping, or utilize the sleep mode feature. Sleep mode will raise the temperature after a set period of time, which will decrease the amount of electricity it is using.

    2. Use portable units: - If you do not need your entire home to be cooled off at night, a portable unit uses about half the energy of a standard air conditioner.

    3. Maintenance of your air conditioner: - AC maintenance is important. Maintenance does not need to done on a regular basis, but every air conditioner needs to be looked at every now and then. It helps in reducing the day and night heating effect caused by your AC. AC maintenance is always helpful in the long run.

    4. Checking AC ducts: - Ensure the areas where your ducts run through parts of your home are properly insulated. This will keep the air coming in as cool as it can be.

    5. Rearranging your furniture: - Furniture obstruction plays a part in how effective your air conditioner is. Furniture that obstructs AC vents can soak up cool air, which means your air conditioner will work harder and use more energy to cool down your house.

    Following these tips will reduce the amount of energy your AC uses for cooling down the house and day and night heating.You also will save money on AC maintenance.
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