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  • Air Handling - What Are The Main Considerations For Purchase

    Air handlers are devices situated in an air conditioning system. These air handler units are devices that are used to regulate and circulate air as part of a heating, ventilating, and air conditioning system. The air handling unit is an integrated part of equipment consisting of fans, filters, cooling coils, air control dampers and so on. Air handling services include the thorough check on heating and cooling system.

    Air handlers are used in combination with heating and cooling systems. These units, which are used to condition and circulate the air inside a building or a house, are bulky and complex. They are attached to ductwork that distributes the air conditioned air inside the building and collects exhausted air in return.

    Since it's a very important unit of an air condition system, here are the primary considerations for purchasing an air handler unit:

    1. Size of an air handler unit - The first and foremost consideration for purchase is the size of an air handler unit. You need to make sure that the purchased unit matches the capacity of the building or place of which the air conditioning system is in. A smaller space will require a smaller air handler.

    2. Type of application - Air handler units used in combination with heating and cooling systems are way different than air handlers used in combination with heating and ventilation system. The difference lies in the features that heating and cooling systems incorporate in it.

    Year round climatic condition is another factor to consider while choosing an air handler.

    3. Place of air handler installation - Another factor to consider while purchasing air handler unit is the availability of space for installation. Proper air handler service companies have air handlers that get installed in a separate mechanical room. But some people prefer to install these units on the rooftop so that they don’t have to compromise any other space. That is the reason why air handler manufacturer’s designs are in different ways to fulfill the needs of users.

    4. Other factors - They may not be that important, but do consider them like the type of fans used in air handlers and type of the casing used to protect the unit against harsh weather conditions. Also, the thickness of the casing and type of filers should be considered.
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