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  • Are heat pumps good for you?

    There are pros and cons associated with any given type of product, and heat pumps are no different. Here we will discuss the advantages and drawbacks of heat pumps in Queen Creek. Heat pumps are designed to take heat from outside and circulate it in your home rather than converting electrical energy into heat.

    Heat pumps can also be used for air conditioning because they can also collect cool air from outside and pump it into your house during the summer. This means you can enjoy the benefits of both a heating and cooling system in a single product.

    Some of the advantages of heat pumps in Queen Creek are:

    Energy efficiency
    Heat pumps are energy efficient because they are designed to extract heat from the outside atmosphere and pump it into the house. They are more efficient than many other gas efficient furnaces. While most gas furnaces provide around 95-97% efficiency, there are heat pumps which can provide up to 300% efficiency.

    Lower costs
    In many cases, heat pumps can be a cheaper compared to other options. However, the cost of gas is still lower than electricity, which is used in heat pumps.

    If you are a part of the go green initiative, heat pumps are a good option. Because of the lower electricity consumption and reduction in overall carbon emissions, it is the best choice for people looking to reduce their ecological footprint.

    Some disadvantages of heat pumps in Queen Creek are:

    Heat pumps comprise of an outside and inside the unit. They both use a fan which makes a lot of noise.

    Heating efficiency
    Although heat pumps are efficient, as the temperature drops the rate of effectiveness drops. When the unit struggles to find the warmth in the outside environment, it has to turn to the backup auxiliary heating element, which is usually an electric resistance heater that uses more energy.
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