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  • Easy steps to install your air conditioner

    Living in the hot and uncomfortable climate in Arizona is a daunting task. An air conditioner is essential in every home and business during the dog days of summer. Installing an air conditioner is both expensive and complicated. You also need to make sure the air conditioner you get covers all parts of your home or office building. Air conditioner experts can help you figure out which unit is right for your building, but sometimes you can install air conditioners yourself.

    Here are a few simple steps you should follow for installing an air conditioner:

    1. Analyze your requirements
    You should analyze the requirement of the air conditioning system according to your house or office. You can easily do this by calculating the dimensions of the building for which you need the unit. You should also ensure to install the latest energy efficient model to save money on electricity bills. However, keep in mind you always have to pay more for an energy-efficient model.

    2. Gather tools and supplies
    Consider all the things that you need for the installation process and keep it handy before using the guidelines by air conditioning experts to experience hassle free operations. You will need a drill machine, drill bits, level, utility knife, foam weather strips, wood and sheet metal screws.

    3. Installing a window air conditioner
    Start with carefully unboxing your unit from the packaging. You will definitely need help because they are bulky units and you cannot lift them alone.

    Attach the mount brackets to your window using screws that are secured. Also, slide the panels you need for your AC to both the sides of the window. Now you can mount the air conditioner onto the mounting unit. Attach the unit to the power cable and fill in any gaps with the help of strips and screws.

    4. Installing a portable air conditioner
    Be sure where you want to install the portable unit. Since it is portable, you are not required to assign it a permanent place. You should be careful not to keep in direct sunlight and keep it close to a window for it to work properly. Make sure the power panel supplying power to your air conditioner is not attached to any other power-consuming units such as refrigerators and dryers.

    We understand it is not always easy to install these units all alone. So if you are facing any difficulty regarding installation or with your air conditioning unit, our air conditioning experts are ready to provide excellent air conditioning services.
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