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What is a Heat Pump Unit?
Heat Pump units pull air from the ground or outside air temperature to both heat and cool your home. These energy efficient units work as air conditioners that also work in reverse. In the summer they pull heat out of your home, making the temperature in your home much cooler.

Why to Consider a Heat Pump?
More energy efficient – Heat pumps can be up to 400% more efficient.
Reliable – The technology has been around for a long time and can last 10-15 years, as long as a good air conditioner.
Environmentally friendly – Unlike gas furnaces, heat pumps to do not burn anything or directly release carbon emissions.


The most fun part of using a heat pump in Queen Creek is that it can be used in both winters and summers as a part of the central heating or cooling system. A heat pump transfers heat energy from a cold place to warmer space in order to make the cool space cooler and the warm space warmer. This process requires electricity because heat is only transferred.

Though heat pumps work on the same principle as refrigerants and air conditioning units, it is more used for space heating or space cooling. Heat pumps are an energy efficient option for air conditioning. They usually absorb energy from the external air.
Heat pumps are often more useful for an environment which requires moderate heating or cooling. During warm seasons the heat pump transfers heat from outside into your house. During the winter months, it moves heat from your cool house into the warm external environment. Because heat pumps transfer heat, they are a more energy efficient option than air conditioning. Transferring heat requires less energy than generating heat. Heat pumps also provide equivalent space heating just like air conditioning.

There are three categories of heat pumps that are commonly used. They usually collect heat from the air, water or ground outside your home and transfer it into your home.

This variety of heat pump in Queen Creek functions similar to split air conditioners. One unit is on the inside, and the other unit is kept outside the house. It transfers energy from the internal environment to the external.

Technological advancements in this field have led to more energy efficiency in this type of heat pump. It is the most commonly used heat pump. It can save up to 50 percent more energy than conventional air conditioning units.

These types of heat pumps used to suffer from certain drawbacks. But recent technology led to improvement in these heat pumps. It is used during winter and summer and eliminates the need for air conditioning units at all. It works efficiently for humidity as well. It operates on the function of reverse cycle engineering.

Water source and geothermal
This type of heat pump in Queen Creek achieves efficiency by generating heat with the help of water or nearby ground sources, but they are expensive. They also require lots of expertise to install them properly. Geothermal pumps have relatively lower operating cost. They are equally effective in controlling humidity in comparison to air-to-air pumps. 

However, they do not function properly everywhere. It depends on the quality of soil and underground water.

There are a variety of heat pumps available on the market. You have to be very specific about how and where you want to use these pumps in order for them to function properly.

A few other varieties of heat pumps are:
- Absorption heat pumps
- Air source heat pumps
- Ductless mini split heat pumps

All these heat pumps function more or less using the air, water or ground. The functioning differs from one company to other. When buying a heat pump in Queen Creek, look for more advanced features like energy efficiency.