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  • How Does A Heat Pump Work?

    Heat pumps are electric devices that extract heat from one place and transfer it to another place. Heat pumps are not new technological advances and are extensively used in electrical equipment.

    Refrigerators and air conditioners have heat pumps in them. While manufacturing an air conditioner, heat pumps installation is done first. Heat pumps work by circulating refrigerant through a cycle of evaporation and condensation.

    Inside the electric equipment, there is a compressor that pumps the refrigerant between two heat exchanger coils. What happens in one coil is that the refrigerant between the two coils is evaporated at a very low pressure and absorbs heat from its surroundings. This refrigerant is then put to compression and diverted to the other coil, where it condenses at a very high pressure. At the saturation point, the refrigerant releases the heat it absorbed earlier in the cycle.

    Home appliances like refrigerators have heat pumps operating only in the cooling mode. In a refrigerator, which essentially is an insulated and coated box with a heat pump system connected to it, the evaporator coil is usually located inside the freezer compartment. The heat gets absorbed from this location and is transferred outside, generally behind or underneath the unit where the condenser coil is located.

    Heat pumps installation in an air conditioner is done to ensure that heat transfers from inside a house to the outdoors. Heat pumps installation provides overall climate control year round, whether you need heating during the winter or cooling in the summer.

    There are air source heat pumps that transfer heat from outside to inside a building or vice versa. It is the most frequent type of heat pump found in homes. However, ground-source, also called earth-energy, geothermal or geo-exchange, heat pumps, which draw heat from the ground or ground water, are becoming more widely used.
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