Mini Splits
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Mini-Splits for your home help to create a quiet, efficient air conditioning and heating experience for any room. This is another affordable and energy-efficient way to bring air conditioning to your Arizona room, garage, expansion, remodel or just a stubbornly hot room in your home. 

An indoor unit, an outdoor unit and a remote control are the 3 main components that make up a mini-split air conditioning and heating system. There are no air ducts to install. The indoor and outdoor units are connected with small, unobtrusive refrigeration lines. And the compact size allows you to place your mini-split system just about anywhere.

Mini-split air conditioning systems offer many great advantages. Mini-split systems are smaller than traditional air conditioners, which means they can fit just about anywhere. Mini-split systems are so quiet you may not even notice they’re running. They easy to install and no duct work is required to bring air conditioning to any room.

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