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  • Signs that your AC unit needs repair

    For those of us in Arizona, there isn't much more devastating than when your air conditioning unit goes out. At that point, it's clearly too late to recognize the warning signs. But if you know where and how to observe, you might be able to save your unit before it gives out. Some of the signs are quite obvious, while others can be more subtle.

    Below is a list of signs that your AC unit might need a professional repair touch:
    • The air is not as cold as it used to be
    • Poor air flow
    • Thermostat problems
    • Moisture where it shouldn’t be
    • Unusual sounds
    • Strange odors

    You should never push the maintenance of your HVAC system to the bottom of your to-do list. If you need help, East Valley Heating & AC Services is here for you. Our ability to repair and/or replace AC and heating systems is second to none, and we always make sure that you, the customer, is the priority. We provide quality AC repairs, installation and maintenance to keep you as comfortable as possible.

    The highly skilled professional technicians of East Valley Heating & AC Services offer the following services:
    • Air conditioning service
    • AC maintenance
    • AC installation
    • Heater repairs
    • Heater installation
    • Emergency service
    • Indoor air quality

    Our technicians charge by the job, not by the hour. They also make sure that you are aware of all your available options to decide best for yourself. East Valley Heating & AC Services is licensed and insured, so you can trust us to deliver top notch air conditioning services and more.

    Below are some expert suggestions/tips for maintenance of your HVAC systems:
    • Vacuum more often to improve air intake if you have pets, especially during the summer when pets are more likely to shed.
    • Use a denser filter in a home with one or more pets.
    • Filter replacements are often neglected because homeowners forget to purchase them. You beat the odds when you sign up for a monthly reminder.
    • Ask your professional to strip down the AC condenser and check the coolant level during summers

    Keeping your HVAC systems working in proper state is one of the most essential concerns. During any of the times you feel you need help, do not hesitate to seek the help East Valley Heating & AC Services to get the job done right.
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