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  • The Advantages Of A Gas Furnace

    We know the Arizona heat is just now upon us, and it will be many months before we need to think about heating our homes. That said, it's always good to be prepared for when those colder months to finally arrive.

    When you need good heating options for your home, installing a natural gas furnace will do wonders. Natural gas produces heat better than traditional fireplaces. There are three types of gas furnaces:

    1. Single stage furnace: This standard heating system has a gas valve that opens and closes to allow gas to flow into the unit. Many single stage furnaces operate at 80% annual fuel utilization efficiency.

    2. Two-stage furnace: This unit produces two levels of heat output to accommodate to cold days and more mild days. This type of furnace provides heat distribution evenly.

    3. Modulating furnace: These furnaces are the most efficient out of all three. The goal when installing a modulating furnace is to keep the temperature within one or two degrees of the target temperature.

    Here are some of the advantages of having a gas furnace at home:

    1. Reduction in cost – Maintaining a natural gas furnace is cheap. Because they do not breakdown often, buying a gas furnace is a good investment. They also help reduce the energy bill every month because they use natural gas.

    2. Increased efficiency - Natural gas as a fossil fuel is the most efficient to burn. Compared to all other fossil fuels, natural gas produces more heat. Additionally, natural gas produces the fewest waste products compared to other fossil fuels, giving it another point in its favor. This makes a natural gas furnace an extremely efficient source of heat.

    3. High quality - Gas furnaces are high-quality heating systems that work well for all homes. A gas furnace can be used with a central heating system or any system that requires heat.

    4. Natural ductwork system - A natural gas furnace can be linked with an air conditioner to produce cool air during warm climatic conditions. So along with heating homes, it can also cool one down during the summer.

    5. A natural gas furnace has a longer lifespan and can supply energy to a vast number of residential appliances.
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