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  • Tips To Selecting The Right Home Thermostat

    Choosing a thermostat for your home can be quite a challenging task given a number of choices available. A thermostat tells the heating or cooling system when to turn on or off according to the required temperature levels. This is a very important feature as it affects comfort as well as electricity bills.

    Currently, there are different types of thermostats available in the market — programmable, non-programmable, with a display screen, without, or are wireless. Thermostat installation is different depending on which type you choose. Here are some tips that can help you decide what type of thermostat is best for you.

    Remote Control
    These thermostats are good for people who like to travel a lot. The thermostat installed at your home can be controlled remotely by your PC, smartphone or tablet. This remotely controlled mechanism helps you set the temperature of your home before you get there. This thermostat service is vital for some people.

    Reliability of Brand
    Most households spend big bucks on heating and cooling equipment for their home. That is why it becomes extremely important to install a thermostat that will be suitable and reliable in the long run. Only choose brands that provide good thermostat service.

    Manual vs. Programmable
    Some devices work when you operate them manually; others provide thermostat service using a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection from your remote or mobile device. Deciding whether you want access to your thermostat away from home is important to decide before going through thermostat installation.

    Temperature and Humidity
    To maintain a proper atmosphere at your home, you can have a thermostat installed that controls the temperature and humidity of your home.

    Energy Efficiency
    Arguably the most important service a thermostat provides is to reduce your electricity bill. If used properly, it can save you as much as 20 percent off your energy bills. This is one reason why it's important that thermostat installation is done properly.

    The technicians at Easy Valley Heating and AC can help you choose the right thermostat for you and take you through the steps of thermostat installation. We understand how important thermostat service is to you. Give us a call today!
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